TieUpCo is looking to be your first step for the perfect liquefied weekend. Whether you are looking to throw it down with a thousand of your best friends or enjoy a getaway with the family, TieUpCo has all that you need. Learn more about our innovative app by reading through TheApp page.


Find out what's happening on the water all around the country and in your neck of the woods by clicking below for more info. Learn about all the opportunities there are to liven up your next voyage and how to enjoy your time as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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Businesses. If you are a business looking to benefit from our platform or do not find yourself listed, feel free to drop us an email at to learn more about the free and easy ways to join the crew at TieUpCo.


With over 100 years of combined experience on the water, it was a matter of time until TheCrew figured out what everyone was missing. Our community of water lovers needed a better way to MeetUp and string up with old friends, new friends, family, and fellow recreationalists.

This is where TieUpCo was born!

TheCrew's love for the water and thrilling new H2O friendships culminated with the development of TieUpCo. Looking for the best tool to MeetUp with one another quickly morphed into our need for a new app. Although this may be how it all began, TieUpCo has exploded into much, much more.


Taking this basic principle and incorporating it into all aspects of the boating life was all it took. We grabbed our flip flops, trunks, and shades, and set out to calm the raging waters. From hanging out to piggin' out, from tying up to throwin' down, from putting in to pullin' out, we knew it all needed to be one thing...simple!



Any Given Cove

Table Rock Lake (TRL)

Tel: 417-988-8712

Tel: 417-880-4805




"The TieUpCo app makes it easy to meet friends on the water and find new places to hang out. A MUST HAVE for any boater!"

"The catalyst for a whole new, diverse demographic of boaters that still believe in the enchantment of the water!"

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